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EaseAds | How it Works

About Easeads

Easeads is the art of innovation and technology.

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Who we are?

Easeads Network is a company formed by the group of professional digital marketing specialist who have been working in serving ads to many brand worldwide with great feedbacks and results. We are glad to announce that we have developed a platform which is very simple and easy to use. Easeads is the art of innovation and technology. Advertising problems will be long gone when you have us for all your advertising needs. Our main objective is to provide better converting traffic in lower rates available anywhere in the internet. We tend to provide best possible results by regular ad optimization and fraud detection through our System software. You can contact us anytime if you any query regarding advertisement with Easeads.

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How It Works?

We have developed a platform where we serve the ads sent by our publishers through their websites to our advertisers. We target the audiences based on their geos, browsers, OS, Language, category etc. We optimize the campaigns daily, in order to achieve better conversions. Advertiser needs to create campaign in order to start and publisher need to create new ads space in order to start sending traffic and monetizing.

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Why Choose Us?

Digitally, the world is growing everyday with new technological advancements. The technology can be tedious for some but we have developed a advertising platform which will let you advertise with ease. We serve our client with best volume of traffic in a very good CPM rates.

1. Ad optimization:
As the campaign starts, we filter out the zoneIDs that are performing well and make changes to our sources in order to achieve better ROI. We have category targeting option available which will help us deliver our client with the targeted category traffic only. We will be optimizing the campaign through our platform by increasing the volumes of traffic accordingly.
2. Anti-fraud detection:
We detect the fraudulent traffic coming from the publishers and we tend to block such users and sites. We have a sytem which automatically filters out bot traffic and ensure real visitors are visiting your page.
3. Self-Serve Platform:
We are a self-serve platform, where user can create,manage and generate statistics for the campaign by themselves. Also, publishers can verify their sites and create new ads space to start monetizing their websites traffic.
4. 24/7 Customer Support:
We are available here 24 hours; we assign our clients an account manager who will help them through campaign settings and optimization of the ads according to their needs. We thrive on our customer’s satisfaction and we tend to provide the best support an ad network can provide. Please leave any of our account managers a message and we will contact you.

Our team

Meet our dedicated team.

Erraz Bhattarai
Jharana Neupane
Aryan Pokharel
John Tarly
CEO - Founder